Why Offering Gym Towels Will Set You Apart From the Competition

Why Offering Gym Towels Will Set You Apart From the Competition

Gym owners who understand the need to provide high-quality services for their patrons offer towels as an extra service that makes a big difference. Fresh, clean, and fluffy gym towels show that you value health, hygiene, and safety in your fitness facility.

In addition to offering a positive customer experience, gym owners can use towel service to pull ahead of their competition. Here are some of the reasons why offering gym towels sets your facility apart from the competition:

Promote Cleanliness and Hygiene

Some gym goers use a facility’s standards of cleanliness as a deciding factor when renewing their membership. Providing clean gym towels is one part of keeping your facility clean. It also differentiates your facility from competitors that don’t offer the complementary service.

You can offer your patrons a range of towels, including washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels. They will use these towels to wipe off sweat and freshen up. Gym towels are also ideal for wiping equipment to clear dust, sweat, and bacteria.

While some patrons might bring their own towels, they may be held to a lower level of sanitation. They may reuse these towels multiple times without cleaning them, leading to bacteria buildup. These towels could transfer bacteria and fungi to the shared gym equipment and other high-touch surfaces.

A good way to avoid such issues is by offering patrons properly laundered gym towels. Facilty-provided towels are properly cleaned to reduce the spread of infection-causing bacteria.

Add a Luxurious Touch

Offering gym towels contributes to the overall quality of your fitness center. They add a touch of luxury to your gym space, leading to greater customer satisfaction. The goal is to provide plush towels of high-quality and durable material.

These towels set you apart from fitness centers that offer low-quality towels or alternatives like paper towels and wipes. Supplying high-quality towels demonstrates your efforts to maintain a sustainable, chemical-free space.

High-end fitness centers may offer pool towels for their swimming pool and sauna amenities. Fresh, clean pool towels can elevate your gym’s quality. Before each shift, confirm that your staff stocks enough towels in pool areas, locker rooms, and workout spaces for easy access.

When choosing luxurious towels, look for materials, colors, sizes, and weights that align with your facility’s branding. Purchasing different towel colors, sizes, and weights can help your staff differentiate between shower, pool, and sweat towels. Select durable and soft materials, like cotton terry, to provide comfort and extend the towels’ lifespan.

Improve Safety and Comfort

A fitness facility that offers towels values the safety and comfort of its patrons. During workouts, your gym members may need to improve their grip or lie down, especially when performing strenuous exercises.

Sweat residue left on equipment, like dumbbells and barbells, makes the material slippery and hard to grip. To improve grip, your patrons can use hand towels to wipe their hands and remove sweat residue from equipment. They can also use long, thick towels to add cushioning when performing floor exercises.

Pool and shower water can drip from patrons and make the floor hazardous. Pool and shower towels help patrons dry completely before entering dry areas, minimizing safety risks for others.

Your patrons may also use the towels to wipe their wet feet to avoid slipping or falling on tiled hallways. These towels reduce the risk of injury while improving comfort for your patrons, increasing the chances of them returning to your facility.

Boost Gym Attendance

Offering shower, sweat, and pool towels may improve customer relations, resulting in more regular gym attendance. If you offer towels, your patrons won’t need to worry about forgetting their own at home. This increased comfort and security helps reduce patron frustration that could make them cancel their membership.

Loyal patrons and positive experiences may encourage other gym enthusiasts to join your fitness facility. With regular patron attendance, your business will stand out and have a competitive edge over other gyms.

Stock Your Facility with Wholesale Gym Towels

Buying wholesale towels for your fitness center upgrades your gym and sets you apart from the competition. These towels are an effective way to improve the gym experience and draw patrons back to your facility. Fresh towels also promote cleanliness and safety in your facility. Contact local wiping specialists today for help finding gym towels that meet your patrons’ needs.

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