Common Questions About Fleet Fueling

Common Questions About Fleet Fueling

Commercial vehicle drivers often travel long distances quickly to meet deadlines and deliver goods. To help save time, some fueling companies offer reliable and customizable refueling services to cater to your fleet. Here are a few common questions to ask about fleet fueling:

What Is Fleet Fueling?

With fleet fueling, commercial drivers no longer have to travel to the nearest gas station for fuel. A fueling service will travel to the driver and fill up their vehicle at a preplanned location and time.

Fueling service providers can even fill up your tank overnight so that no time is wasted. This service allows drivers to use their time more efficiently and get back on the road as soon as possible.

What Types of Fuel Are Available?

Fueling companies provide quality fuels to fit the needs of their customers. Supply companies often offer a variety of fuel options, including diesel, bio-fuels, propane, unleaded gasoline, and more. They may also provide greases, oils, and coolants for added convenience.

Your business can take care of all of its fueling needs with the help of one company instead of using multiple services to refill your fleet.

What Is On-site Versus Mobile Fueling?

On-site fueling is when your chosen fuel supplier stores a fuel tank on your fleet site. Monitors will notify the fueling company when the tank starts to get low on fuel, enabling them to quickly come and refill it. Storing bulk fuel on-site verifies that businesses always have the fuel they need at competitive rates.

Mobile fueling is when the fuel supplier delivers fuel right to the fleet. Instead of storing a tank at the business fleet location, the service provider brings the fuel in a mobile fueling vehicle. When choosing between on-site fueling and mobile fueling, business owners should evaluate how much fuel they use and how often they run out.

They will also need to evaluate the responsibilities of storing a fuel tank on their property if they choose the on-site fueling option.

What Are the Cost Benefits of Fueling Services?

Fueling services offer several cost benefits for fleet owners and drivers. With the help of professional fueling services, owners will be able to track fuel expenses more efficiently. They can view detailed records of where and when fuel transactions are taking place, helping them to identify and address driver inefficiencies.

Fuel providers also help drivers by reducing unnecessary fuel stops that waste time and money. Drivers will save time by eliminating the need to locate and reach the nearest gas station, allowing them to focus on meeting delivery timelines.

Many fueling services also offer competitive pricing for their fueling services, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

How Do Fleet Cards Work?

Fleet cards are charge cards that drivers can use to obtain gas, diesel, and other fuels. Fueling service providers often offer fleet cards that work in various fueling stations across the country. Business owners can set card usage restrictions, helping them monitor fuel costs better. Some fleet card options also give businesses access to bulk pricing discounts or rewards programs.

Some of the customizable card restrictions include time limitations and spending limits. The time restrictions only allow drivers to use the card during certain times of the day or on particular days of the week. The spend restrictions set a certain limit on how much a driver can spend per transaction or per day.

Allowing fleet drivers to use fuel cards helps streamline the expense-tracking process. Fuel cards also empower business owners to enjoy better control over their company’s spending habits.

How Do I Schedule Fueling Services?

Scheduling fueling services involves reaching out to the supplier and determining which fueling program best fits your needs. Choose between fleet card fuel programs, on-site bulk fueling, and mobile fueling options.

Once you pick the right fueling program for your needs, coordinate the delivery with your drivers. Determine the best time for on-site or mobile refueling and let the fueling vendor know where and when they need to show up.

Schedule Reliable Fueling Services Today

Reliable fueling services work to make the fueling process as streamlined as possible for drivers and fleet owners. They provide reliable, consistent fuel deliveries that can help businesses save time and money. Start your search for a reputable fleet fueling service in your area today.

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