Can My Older Teen Get Clear Braces?

Can My Older Teen Get Clear Braces?

Clear braces are an effective orthodontic treatment that can help improve the smile of your older teen. Your teen can choose from invisible, lingual, or ceramic braces if they are more self-conscious of their looks.

These braces offer a more discreet look, eliminating the metallic look of traditional braces. Here are some factors that may affect the decision to get clear braces for your older teen:

Age Limitations

While there are no specific age limits for these braces, you’ll have to assess your teen’s level of responsibility and self-consciousness. If your older teen has self-esteem issues, invisible braces such as Invisalign clear aligners are a suitable choice.

These braces have a crystal-clear look, which makes them undetectable, providing a discreet look that protects your teen’s self-image.

Clear aligners can be removed for up to four hours, allowing for thorough teeth brushing and comfortable eating. While clear aligners are durable, they require your teen to be disciplined enough to remember to wear them at all times. If your teen struggles with consistent wear, select clear ceramic braces instead of removable clear aligners.

Ceramic braces have brackets and wires that require an extra level of care because they can discolor, bend, or break. They are suitable for older teens who are responsible and disciplined and will provide the required extra care.

Treatment Suitability

The type of clear braces your teen should wear depends on the orthodontic needs that must be addressed. Clear aligners effectively address mild-to-moderate orthodontic issues, including minor bite irregularities, crowding, and gaps. If your older teen has more severe alignment issues, ceramic braces are a good option. The functionality of this orthodontic treatment is similar to traditional metal braces. An orthodontist will evaluate your teen’s alignment issues to determine the right type of braces for their needs.

The effectiveness of invisible and ceramic braces depends on the health of your older teen’s gums and teeth. You will need to address any teeth or gum health issues before starting orthodontic treatment with invisible or ceramic braces. The effectiveness of clear aligners also relies on the consistency with which your older teen wears them. Aligner treatments may be ineffective if your older teen repeatedly skips or extends the prescribed wear time.


The cost of braces for your older teen varies depending on their type and length of treatment. The severity of your teen’s alignment issues determines the length of treatment, affecting the cost of their orthodontic care. A longer treatment period translates to more appointments, hardware replacements, and other services. For Invisalign clear aligners, the orthodontist must create several trays throughout treatment to resolve the misalignment issues.

Some orthodontic facilities offer payment plans that make the cost of braces for your teen more affordable. Discuss the cost of the braces with the facility’s staff before choosing a treatment type and beginning the alignment process. Some facilities may be open to working with you to create a personalized payment plan that aligns with your budget. Other facilities may accept insurance plans that cover the cost of your older teen’s braces. Check if the facility can help you with insurance claims and paperwork before committing to their services.

Benefits of Clear Braces for Your Older Teen

Transparent or invisible braces options have an aesthetically pleasing appearance that suits your image-conscious older teen’s needs. This can make your older teen feel more comfortable to wear them in public and around friends. Clear aligners offer a less painful and more comfortable treatment experience. With aligners, your older teen may require fewer and shorter appointments with an orthodontist.

Removable braces such as clear aligners offer the added benefit of improved oral hygiene. Your teen can remove them and brush their teeth thoroughly, which reduces the risk of developing cavities and gum disease. The alignment trays of the braces can also be removed and cleaned regularly, which prevents staining and bacteria growth.

Get Clear Braces for Your Older Teen Today

Clear braces help align your older teen’s teeth and restore their smile and oral function. Depending on your budget and your teen’s orthodontic needs, you can choose between ceramic braces, clear aligners, and lingual braces. Schedule a consultation appointment with an orthodontist today for help selecting braces that fit your teen’s needs.

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