Asuran Scan Mastery: Conquer Guild Wars with Guaranteed Hits

asuran scan

asuran scan

Have you ever dreamt of landing every blow in Guild Wars? Of shredding through enemies with unwavering accuracy? Then enter the realm of Asuran Scan, a powerful hex spell that grants warriors the coveted boon of unerring strikes. But this isn’t just a button-mashing solution. Mastering Asuran Scan requires precision, strategy, and an understanding of its intricacies. So, strap yourselves in, warriors, for a deep dive into this game-changing skill.

What is Asuran Scan?

Asuran Scan is a warrior’s signature hex spell, available from level 8. For a brief window (9 seconds in PvE, 12 seconds in PvP and WvW), it paints a target foe with glowing energy, ensuring your attacks find their mark. No more frustrating misses, no more agonizingly deflected blows – just pure, unadulterated damage potential.

Importance of Asuran Scan

Beyond its damage-boosting prowess, Asuran Scan offers vital utility across various game modes:

  • PvE: In Dungeon runs and Fractals, Asuran Scan shines against evasive bosses and adds, maximizing your group’s DPS. It also bypasses enemy shields, making it invaluable for dealing with pesky foes like Veteran Kodan Protectors.
  • PvP: In arenas and battlegrounds, Asuran Scan becomes a psychological weapon. The threat of guaranteed hits forces opponents to play defensively, creating openings for you and your allies to exploit.
  • WvW: On sprawling battlefields, Asuran Scan empowers you to carve through enemy zergs with unmatched accuracy. Imagine landing every swing in a heated clash – pure decimation!

A Brief History and Evolution

Asuran Scan wasn’t always the juggernaut it is today. Initially, it simply dealt bonus damage, making it a straightforward damage-amplifier. However, with balance changes, it transformed into its current “cannot miss” form, emphasizing strategic application over raw power. This shift sparked heated debates within the Guild Wars community, showcasing the skill’s potential to impact the game’s meta.

Mechanics and Functionality: Decoding the Hex

Asuran Scan might seem like magic, but under the hood lies a precise set of mechanics. It’s time to dissect this hex and understand how it empowers your warrior’s strikes.

How Does Asuran Scan Work?

When you cast Asuran Scan, a pulsating red energy envelops your target for a duration of 9 seconds in PvE and 12 seconds in PvP/WvW. During this window, any attack you use against the target will automatically hit, regardless of their evasion or deflection stats. No more frustrating misses, no more agonizingly glancing blows – every swing finds its mark.

Duration and Effects:

  • Duration: As mentioned, the effect lingers for 9 seconds in PvE and 12 seconds in PvP/WvW. This offers ample time to unleash a flurry of attacks, but remember, the buff doesn’t refresh its duration with subsequent hits. Once the timer runs out, your attacks are subject to the target’s normal evasion and deflection chances.
  • Effects: While Asuran Scan guarantees hits, it doesn’t directly increase your damage. However, by ensuring every attack connects, it maximizes the potential damage you can deal within the duration. Additionally, it ignores enemy shield bars, making it particularly effective against foes like Kodan Protectors in PvE.

Limitations and Counters:

Like any powerful tool, Asuran Scan has its limitations:

  • Cooldown: It boasts a hefty cooldown of 20 seconds, requiring careful planning and strategic use.
  • Removal: Enemies with “hex removal” abilities can cleanse the scan, rendering it ineffective. Be aware of enemies who possess such skills and adjust your tactics accordingly.
  • PvP/WvW: In these modes, the duration is shorter, and enemies often have access to more hex removal options. This demands even more precise timing and awareness of your opponent’s capabilities.

PvE vs. PvP/WvW Applications:

The core functionality remains the same across game modes, but the strategic applications differ:

  • PvE: Here, Asuran Scan shines against bosses and adds with high evasion or deflection. It also bypasses shields, making it invaluable for specific encounters. Use it judiciously during boss phases or when dealing with priority targets.
  • PvP/WvW: In these more dynamic environments, Asuran Scan becomes a mind game. The threat of guaranteed hits forces opponents to play defensively, creating openings for you and your allies. Use it strategically during duels, ganks, or zergs to gain an edge.

Advanced Techniques and Strategies: Unleashing the Fury

Now that you grasp the mechanics of Asuran Scan, it’s time to delve into the art of wielding it like a true warrior master. Buckle up, for we’re about to explore advanced techniques and strategies that will maximize its impact on the battlefield.

Maximizing Damage Output:

  • Chain attacks: Don’t just rely on basic swings. Use Asuran Scan to set up powerful chain attacks like “Flurry of Blows” or “Hundred Blades” for devastating damage bursts.
  • Weapon choice: Consider weapons with high attack speed like Greatsword or Axe/Shield to capitalize on the guaranteed hits. Traits and runes that boost attack speed can further amplify your damage potential.
  • Critical hits: Stack critical chance and damage to turn each guaranteed hit into a critical strike, multiplying your damage output significantly.

Synergy with Other Skills and Builds:

  • Signets: Combine Asuran Scan with signets like “Signet of Fury” or “Signet of Might” for temporary buffs that further enhance your damage during the scan window.
  • Adrenaline skills: Use powerful adrenaline skills like “Berserker’s Rage” or “Blighted Ravager” alongside Asuran Scan for explosive damage bursts.
  • Builds: Explore warrior builds specifically designed around Asuran Scan, often incorporating traits and skills that boost attack speed, critical chance, or damage multipliers.

Countering Hex Removal:

  • Predictive casting: Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Cast Asuran Scan slightly before expecting enemy action to minimize the window for hex removal.
  • Bait and punish: Use other skills to bait out enemy hex removal abilities before applying Asuran Scan, leaving them vulnerable during its duration.
  • Teamwork: Coordinate with allies who possess skills that interrupt or disable enemies, preventing them from using hex removal while Asuran Scan is active.

Remember: Mastering these techniques requires practice and experimentation. Find a playstyle that suits you and don’t be afraid to adapt your strategies based on the situation and your opponent’s capabilities.

This is just a glimpse into the vast potential of Asuran Scan. Explore advanced tactics like animation canceling, weapon swapping for specific attacks, and utilizing terrain advantages to further optimize your damage output. Remember, creativity and tactical thinking are key to mastering this powerful tool.

Impact on the Game: A Double-Edged Blade

Asuran Scan‘s influence on Guild Wars extends far beyond its damage-dealing potential. It has sparked discussions, debates, and strategic adaptations, leaving an undeniable mark on the game’s landscape.

Positive Effects:

  • Increased Skill Ceiling: Mastering Asuran Scan demands precise timing, tactical awareness, and грамотное управление ресурсами. It has pushed the boundaries of warrior gameplay, encouraging players to explore advanced techniques and experiment with new builds.
  • Tactical Depth: The presence of Asuran Scan adds another layer of strategic depth to encounters. Players must now consider hex removal options, baiting tactics, and team coordination to counter or leverage its effects, creating a more dynamic and engaging experience.

Negative Effects:

  • Balance Concerns: Some argue that Asuran Scan‘s guaranteed hits can create unbalanced situations, particularly in PvP/WvW, where landing every blow can significantly tip the scales in favor of the user. This has led to ongoing discussions and potential balance adjustments by developers.
  • Skill Dependence: The heavy reliance on Asuran Scan in certain builds can lead to homogenization, where other warrior skills get overshadowed. This can limit build diversity and make gameplay feel repetitive for some players.

Community Perception and Discussions:

The Asuran Scan debate is a constant hum within the Guild Wars community. Opinions range from enthusiastic praise for its strategic depth to concerns about balance and potential overuse. This ongoing discourse highlights the skill’s significant impact on the game and its ability to spark passionate discussions among players.

Looking Ahead:

As Guild Wars evolves, Asuran Scan will undoubtedly continue to be a focal point for discussion and adaptation. Whether through balance changes, new gameplay mechanics, or simply the ever-evolving strategies of the player base, this iconic warrior skill promises to leave a lasting impact on the game and its community.

Exploring Alternatives and Playstyles

While Asuran Scan reigns supreme for warriors seeking guaranteed hits, Guild Wars offers a diverse arsenal for those looking for alternative approaches. Let’s delve into skills with similar effects across professions and explore playstyles that thrive without relying on this iconic warrior skill.

Similar Skills in Different Professions:

  • Mesmer: “Illusions of Grandeur” creates illusions that mirror your attacks, essentially guaranteeing additional hits, albeit with reduced damage.
  • Ranger: “Longbow Marksmanship” grants a chance for longbow attacks to ignore target deflection, offering a less potent but more versatile alternative.
  • Guardian: “Signet of Wrath” boosts attack speed for a duration, indirectly increasing the likelihood of landing blows, though still susceptible to misses.
  • Elementalist: “Arcane Blast” applies a stacking vulnerability debuff, making targets easier to hit, but lacks the guaranteed hit aspect of Asuran Scan.

Playstyles Without Asuran Scan:

  • Condition Damage: Warriors can excel by focusing on inflicting conditions like burning or bleeding, bypassing the need for direct hits altogether. Traits and skills that enhance condition damage and duration make this a viable path.
  • Support: Embrace a supportive role, buffing allies and debuffing enemies with skills like “Banners” or “Signets”. While damage output might be lower, your contribution to team success remains significant.
  • Area-of-Effect (AoE) Specialist: Focus on skills with wide damage zones like “Whirlwind Attack” or “Shattering Blow” to control crowds and contribute in large-scale encounters.

Finding Your Fit:

The beauty of Guild Wars lies in its diverse playstyles. Whether you yearn for guaranteed hits or prefer alternative approaches, there’s a path for you. Experiment with different skills, builds, and professions to discover what resonates with your playstyle and complements your team composition.


  • Synergy: When exploring alternatives, consider how they synergize with your overall build and team composition.
  • Role Preference: Do you enjoy dealing direct damage, supporting allies, or controlling the battlefield? Choose skills and builds that align with your preferred role.
  • Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to try out new things! The best way to find your ideal playstyle is through exploration and experimentation.

Beyond the Hex: Unveiling the Lore of Asuran Scan

Asuran Scan isn’t just a potent warrior skill; it’s a piece of the rich tapestry that is the Guild Wars universe. Let’s delve into the lore and backstory behind this iconic hex, exploring its connection to Asuran technology, culture, and even hidden easter eggs within the game.

Lore and Backstory:

The origins of Asuran Scan remain shrouded in mystery, though whispers suggest it emerged during the tumultuous era of the Searing. Asuran scholars, renowned for their magical prowess and technological ingenuity, sought to create a weapon that could bypass the formidable defenses of the Charr. The result was Asuran Scan, a hex imbued with arcane energies capable of analyzing and exploiting enemy weaknesses, guaranteeing strikes to find their mark.

Connection to Asuran Technology and Culture:

The skill embodies the hallmarks of Asuran ingenuity: intricate technology, precise calculations, and a dash of mischievous experimentation. The pulsating red energy, reminiscent of Asuran magical sigils, hints at the arcane underpinnings of the technology. The name itself, “Scan,” reflects the analytical and meticulous nature of Asuran culture.

References and Easter Eggs:

The influence of Asuran Scan extends beyond its functionality. Keen-eyed players can discover subtle references:

  • Weapon Skins: Certain weapon skins, particularly those of Asuran origin, feature glowing red accents reminiscent of the scan’s energy.
  • Achievements and Titles: Completing specific challenges with warriors using Asuran Scan can unlock achievements and titles like “Scanalyzer” or “Master of Accuracy.”
  • Environmental Details: In Asuran areas like Rata Sum, you might encounter holographic training dummies that react to attacks, subtly referencing the skill’s effect.

Asuran Scan is more than just a skill; it’s a window into the Asuran mind, their technological prowess, and their unwavering pursuit of innovation. By understanding its lore and references, players gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate world of Guild Wars and the fascinating stories woven within its mechanics.

Echoes of Asuran Scan in Other Worlds

Asuran Scan‘s impact transcends the borders of Guild Wars. Its unique concept of guaranteed hits has resonated within the broader RPG landscape, inspiring similar mechanics and influencing game design choices across various titles. Let’s embark on a journey beyond Tyria and explore the echoes of Asuran Scan in other realms.

Similar Skills in Other RPGs:

  • World of Warcraft: Hunters possess “Steady Shot,” a talent that removes attack speed penalties and increases hit chance, offering a less potent but persistent alternative to Asuran Scan.
  • Dragon Age: Rogues can utilize “Mark of Death,” a debuff that increases the critical hit chance of allies against the marked target, achieving a similar effect through a different approach.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Monks wield “Perfect Balance,” a stance that temporarily grants immunity to incoming attacks and increases damage dealt, showcasing a unique take on guaranteed hits with defensive benefits.

Comparing Mechanics and Design Philosophies:

While these skills share similarities with Asuran Scan, their implementation and underlying philosophies differ:

  • Duration vs. Persistence: Some offer temporary guaranteed hits like Asuran Scan, while others like “Steady Shot” provide a more sustained but less potent buff.
  • Direct Control vs. Enabling Strategies: Asuran Scan grants direct control over hit success, while skills like “Mark of Death” empower teammates, highlighting different design approaches.
  • Risk vs. Reward: Some abilities like “Perfect Balance” come with trade-offs like increased damage taken, reflecting varying design philosophies around guaranteed hit mechanics.

Inspiration and Influence:

Asuran Scan‘s success has likely inspired developers to explore similar mechanics in their own projects:

  • Focus on Skillful Play: The skill encourages precise timing and strategic use, potentially influencing the design of abilities that reward player skill rather than pure chance.
  • Tactical Depth and Flexibility: By presenting alternative approaches to guaranteed hits, Asuran Scan might have motivated developers to create diverse mechanics that cater to different playstyles.
  • Community Engagement and Discussion: The ongoing debate surrounding Asuran Scan‘s balance and impact showcases the potential for such mechanics to spark healthy community discussions and engagement.

Looking Forward:

Asuran Scan serves as a testament to the power of innovative mechanics to spark inspiration and influence game design across different titles. Whether through direct inspiration or the ongoing discussions it ignites, this iconic warrior skill leaves its mark on the ever-evolving world of RPGs.

Conclusion: Unlocking the Secrets, Embracing the Possibilities

Our journey through the intricate world of Asuran Scan concludes, leaving us with a deeper understanding of its mechanics, impact, and potential. Let’s recap the key takeaways and explore what the future holds for this iconic skill.

Key Points and Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Hits: Asuran Scan empowers warriors with unwavering accuracy, maximizing damage potential and altering combat dynamics.
  • Strategic Depth: The skill demands precise timing, awareness, and synergy with other skills, raising the skill ceiling and fostering tactical depth.
  • Community Impact: Asuran Scan has sparked discussions, debates, and innovations, shaping the Guild Wars community and influencing game design conversations.

Future of the Skill:

Whether through balance adjustments, new builds, or community-driven strategies, Asuran Scan‘s evolution will continue. Its impact on the game’s future remains to be seen, but its potential for creative exploration remains boundless.

A Call to Experimentation:

The true power of Asuran Scan lies not just in its mechanics, but in its potential to inspire experimentation. Warriors, embrace this opportunity to explore different builds, strategies, and playstyles. Delve into the world of alternatives and discover what resonates with you.


  • Guild Wars offers a diverse sandbox for exploration. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.
  • The community thrives on collaboration and knowledge sharing. Share your experiences, insights, and strategies with fellow players.
  • The journey is just as important as the destination. Enjoy the process of mastering Asuran Scan and discovering your unique warrior identity.

As you continue your adventures in Tyria, remember that Asuran Scan is more than just a skill; it’s a gateway to a world of strategic depth, community engagement, and endless possibilities. Go forth, warriors, and unleash your true potential!

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